An Important message from world-renowned cellist, Yo-Yo Ma

An Important message from world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma who shares his impassioned support for
pernambuco conservation efforts and the importance of preserving musical traditions.

“The glory and the magic of music comes from the inspiration of musicians and the qualities and
materials of the instruments they play. Bows made of pernambuco, Brazil’s national tree, are
without equal. With a pernambuco bow, musicians can control their playing with the greatest
possible precision and create and project the highest quality stringed-instrument tones the world
has known. That is why pernambuco bows are essential and irreplaceable tools for every
professional stringed-instrument player. That is also why pernambuco bows, in the hands of
musicians around the world, are among Brazil’s greatest ambassadors. I urge musicians and
the public to join the call for conservation and sustainable use of this precious species – there is
work to be done and the world of music can play an important role. I am hopeful that a balanced
approach can be found that will enable musicians to travel and buy and sell their bows, and bow
makers to practice an invaluable craft handed down for generations. Working together, stringed-
instrument music and pernambuco can flourish for many generations to come.”